Thursday, December 31, 2009


Well, we survived Christmas. I can't say there was much of a celebration, but we survived and today that is worth celebrating. Ryan, Avery, and I did go visit Wyatt. This was Avery's first time to go visit him. I am so glad we brought her! She was so happy (as always) and while it was hard to make that trip on Christmas day, she definitely made me laugh and smile. She loves the it was fun to watch her roll around and enjoy herself. I have no regrets for the way we spent Christmas this year, I am just looking forward to a lot of celebrating next year!
Mom has been up here since the day after Christmas. I am so blessed to have family that will drop everything and attend to my needs at this difficult time. I was so worried about the week after Christmas and how I would be doing that asked her to come hang out with me and keep me company. There seems to be such a let down after big holidays and events that the days following are usually more difficult than the actual days themselves. So, we have just been running around staying busy. Just what I needed!
Thanks mom! I love you!

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