Sunday, July 17, 2011


finley turned four months! so hard to believe! she also had her four month check up. she weighs 14 pounds and 5 ounces. i cannot believe how fast she is growing! she has become quite the talker and is really starting to laugh and interact more. so fun. i had to post a few pictures...
i love this next picture...this is the face she makes as she holds a serious conversation with you...i think she is going to be a talker like her momma :) poor ryan!
cousin kate got to come over for a bit on friday. we were SO excited! she just moved to russellville with her mom and dad...we miss them so very much...but know we will get to see them it is ok.
these girls love lollie (that's what we are calling my mom...she isn't too fond of the name...but i like it so that is what we are going with...ha! well until the girls come up with something of their own :) ) they are just smiling away at her...

i hope everyone had a good weekend!

oh and i know this is kind of random...but i am going to give it a shot :) we are planing on having finley baptised in september so i am on the look out for a dress for her. i can't seem to come up with anything so if you have any suggestions as to where i could find one i would REALLY appreciate it! thanks :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

just had to post a few pictures

i hope you have a wonderful weekend

Friday, July 1, 2011

my heart swells

i love this girl more than words can express. my heart has been very tender the past several weeks as i miss wyatt more and more every day. it is amazing to me that i can have such deep sadness and joy simultaneously. i never would have thought this possible. i am ever so thankful for this little bundle...who as of last week has decided to start rolling over. she keeps me on my toes...a blessing i will never take for granted. i love you sweet girl!