Thursday, February 16, 2012

10 months

so here i am late again :) i need to post finley's 10 month and 11 month pictures! ouch! i can't believe how fast the days go.

but i want to take a minute and just share. as i have really neglected this blog over the past year it has certainly been a place of healing and growth for me. i may not make it to sit down everyday...or even once a month. ha! but i have to say it has meant so much to me. i am still involved in a women's tuesday morning Bible study and while the point i took away on tuesday really had nothing to do with the lesson itself i know God was laying this on my heart. to be honest, i cannot even remember how this came up but she was talking about her family and the importance of journaling or writing things down so that you can remember them. i have never been good at journaling. i just can't make myself sit down and write...i think at times it feels cheesy and other times it just doesn't seem important. but tuesday it seemed important. i was reminded that we need to remember where God has brought remember what He has done in our lives. to see His hand upon our lives. and i know that while my wounds are still so fresh He has brought forth healing that i am forever thankful for. i remember talking to a dear friend at lunch one afternoon about what it means for God to be faithful. we hear those words so often...He is faithful. but really what does that mean? it means that He will continue to do good work in our lives despite the baggage we carry. He will use our circumstances to bring glory and honor to Him in Heaven. He is faithful to finish what He has started in us. and while i am sure His work with me is not near finished...i have certainly found Him to be faithful. it is by his grace and mercy that i am able to live a joyous life honoring Him and loving my family...both here and in heaven. it is not an easy job. in fact, it is something i never expect to get used to...but thankfully, He. Has. Been. Faithful. and i look forward to discovering His plans for our lives. so, even though i don't make it here very often. i do want to continue to document where He is leading and what He is doing in my family's life.

so here's our sweet blessing at 10 months...
this sweet girl is pulling up on EVERYTHING. i keep thinking she will be walking soon as she loves her 'walker' but she's a little fearful to let go. thank goodness! she still says da da all the time....won't say momma or any kind of sound that resembles the letter m...but that's ok. she's still the apple of my eye ;) she loves to pull things out...just about anything she can get her hands on. now i just need to teach her to put things up. ha! she is getting harder to take to dinner...but hey maybe that will make me start cooking more. well, we'll see! she seems to have a good sense of humor and is oh so cuddly! i love her so much!