Monday, November 23, 2009

pure sweetness

Today has been a sweet day...a very busy day, but a day that has been full of moments of pure sweetness. I had several shoots today...I usually try to spread them out a little, but today I did not. So I am worn out. But, I have to say I was very happy to be outside was beautiful. One of the little boys that I was taking pictures of told his mom that he prays for us every Sunday in Sunday School...I have had several sessions with their family and it just filled me with joy. His name is Wyatt as we all know how special he is :) How sweet of a child to remember us in their prayers!

And on top of that, a friend just brought this mini cake over...isn't that sweet?! How special! I shed tears of joy! How sweet of a friend to be thinking of us and Wyatt on this day. He is so loved!

I have been thinking a lot about Wyatt has been in Heaven for 2 months now. It is just amazing. I wonder where these last few months have gone. I remember all to well the night that Jesus welcomed Wyatt home. I remember praying and begging to God on our knees. Pleading for Him to carry him through one more surgery. I remember thinking everything was ok and that our lil' man had fought through yet another procedure...only to be told moments later that his sweet little body gave in. Those moments will haunt me forever.

I think days like today are similar to mile markers on a long journey. You certainly notice them, but they are small in comparison to the journey ahead. The further you get from home the more homesick you get. You are excited and anxious about your destination point, but know you are so very far from getting there. I certainly notice these mile markers, but know we are so far from our destination. And yes, I get more homesick day by day. Homesick for my son and for Heaven. And while I know we will get there one day, I am anxious and tired of the travel. I just have to keep "playing" the games and keeping myself busy along the way. I have to try to make the time pass a little faster.

I know that God was perfectly able to save Wyatt and pull him through...but He chose not to bring healing to Wyatt on this Earth. This does not anger me...Yes, I am heart broken, but not angry. I know deep down that God has a plan and He will be glorified through our sufferings.

So...Happy Two Months in Heaven my precious little boy! I love you!

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