Thursday, November 19, 2009


Have I told you guys how blessed I feel to be surrounded by such wonderful friends and family?! Seriously, it doesn't get any better than this! My sweet sister sends me verses and texts EVERYDAY. Not to mention a handful of phone calls as well. I have a wonderful friend who checks in with me and plans little getaways...she'll even just come over to run errands and cook. And my sweet sister-in-law sends me messages and poems...which is where this one came from. I love it! And how TRUE. I can't wait to see my little boy and hold him tight! I think I will run STRAIGHT to him! Thank you girls for keeping up with me and for holding my hand when I need it most! I love all of you!
When I Finally Come to Glory
by Fran Morgan
I need a favor, Blessed Mother,
Could you help me with this please?
It's concerning your son, Jesus
So I'm praying on my knees.
When I finally come to Glory
And I see the Promised Land
I envision Jesus smiling,
Reaching out His loving hand.
He will be so glad to see me
When I finally arrive.
For I proclaim His name on earth
Each day that I'm alive.
He will want to keep His promise,
Bring me straight to Father God,
And to the Holy Spirit,
But, O Mother...this is hard.
For my child will be there cheering
As I come through Heaven's Gate.
And I know you know my heart's desire
I'm afraid that when I see my son
I'll forget the protocol,
And run to hold him in my arms,
Bypassing One and All!
We will smile and laugh together,
And dance around with glee!
To touch his curls, and kiss his face
Is what Heaven means to me.
So will you, Blessed Mother
Please explain me to your Son?
Because you have a mother's heart
You KNOW to whom I'll run.
Make it right with the Creator
And the Blessed Trinity,
I'm afraid I'll fly right past Them
When my golden son I see.
I don't want to shock the Angels
Or to scandalize the Saints,
Or to have my Day of Glory
Be the day all Heaven faints!
I have borne what God has sent me,
Praised and thanked Him through life's worst,
And, if Heaven is my just reward,
Let me see my baby FIRST.
Then I'll join the Angels singing
As I praise God with my boy
To be finally reunited
With my son... and God of joy!

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  1. I love this poem!! I can envision it now! I can't wait to see you all in heaven... together. What a glorious day it will be. I praise my Lord now for the promise of tomorrow. Love you sis :)