Wednesday, November 11, 2009

sweet memories

Last night I had dinner with a very close friend. It was so nice to get away...we talked about Wyatt and the special memories I have of him. She was telling me how much she regretted not coming to Little Rock to visit him. And while I absolutely hate that so many of our closest friends did not have the opportunity to meet our precious angel, I believe that you know him very well. That even though you were not able to hold him tightly in your arms, you have carried him in your heart. What a blessing! I sincerely believe that everyone of our friends carries a piece of him as Ryan and I do.

So today, I wanted to share some of my sweet memories of lil' Wyatt. It was always the little things that stole my heart. My sweetest memories are of the time I spent holding him all cuddled up in a big blue blanket in our chair/bed. We did not have any of his baby blankets with us, but had been given some blankets in a gift basket sent by some wonderful people. I would get up with Ryan every morning and try to quickly get ready for the day (Ryan worked out of a branch in Little Rock while we were there) I had to be ready to take care of Wyatt and ready for our 'visitors.' You never knew when the doctors or nurses would be coming in...some days the doctors made rounds at 6:30 a.m. other days they visited around 9:00 a.m. so, you always had to be ready :) But, I would hurry and get ready and then sit and hold Wyatt. Oh I loved to wake up and just sit with him. The room could be completely empty...yet so quiet and so full of peace and love. It was our special time together. Which may be why I am still so anxious to go sit in his room when I get up in the mornings. I really miss our quiet and precious time together!

I also loved his tiny little chin...he had the biggest cheeks and this itty bitty chin...I LOVED IT! We would laugh because he looked so chubby when you had wrapped him in his blankets. He was really pretty long and lean. I remember Ryan calling me soon after Wyatt had landed in Little Rock and telling me how he had a swimmers body...and Ryan was ever so proud of the definition he had in his chest. We certainly had big plans for him.

I remember his sweet eyes and lips. So innocent, yet so full of life and meaning. I remember the way he would hold your finger ever so strong his grip had gotten over time. I loved the way he would stretch with both of his arms in the air, the way he would let out a single cry just to make sure you knew he was there. I loved the way he would startle and throw his hands in the air every few minutes. I absolutely loved the way he would pout and stick his entire lower lip out...he had everyone wrapped around his finger and he knew it!

Wyatt loved to be held and rocked...he loved to be close. So, while I know he is not physically close, he is very close to our hearts. I am so thankful for our sweet little boy...our perfect little angel. I am ever so proud of the fight he put up and for the way he has touched so many of our lives. He is truly a gift from God and a blessing to all of us who carry him in our hearts! I love you sweet Wyatt...I always will!


  1. Jessica ~ Thank you for sharing these precious things. I love every detail.

    Thinking of you always.

  2. Wow!! I am speechless. Thanks for sharing your sweet memories of your little angel. As I was reading your post I could picture each of the sweet little things he did...I remember the first time he squeezed my finger and how strong he was. I even made you take a picture :) because even the smallest things were so precious and valuable. I see his large chest and cut stomach :), and you are right, Ryan was so proud of his “swimmer” chest. Wyatt was so, so very strong and amazing! Such a fighter! As I read your post sis, I must say that I desperately miss him and I am so, so sad, but at the same time I am also filled with happiness and peace as I think about him and the joy he has brought to you, Ryan, and even me. Thanks for sharing him today!! I love you, Ryan, and Wyatt so much and I am so proud of all three of you!! He is a precious gift that we will all carry around with us in our hearts!

  3. I remember being in Little Rock at Children's for Justus's swallow study and wanting to get ahold of you, but I was afraid we wouldn't be able to see you with him in the NICU. I so wish I would have tried, anyway. I know I might not have been able to meet Wyatt, but I did feel a little excited to be in the same facility that day. What sweet memories you shared today. You will treasure them forever and I'm glad you wrote them down.

  4. jessica,
    i can picture perfectly the sweet images you painted of your time with wyatt. what a precious boy...and such proud and good parents. my charlie girl came 2 months early, so we spent some time in the nicu...and what a special place it is. i have some of my favorite memories of her there, as well. i think of wyatt daily and pray for you and ryan. God has big plans for both of you!! continue to lean on Him during this time. may God bless you over and over again.
    julie mckinney scarborough

  5. Thank you for sharing your memories of sweet Wyatt.

  6. Jessica - I have been praying for you, Ryan, and Wyatt since the week he was born. I've been reading your blog and it is so encouraging. I'm still praying for you all and thanks for sharing your helped me to understand the sweet times you had together.

    -Ashley Pierce (your intern 3 years ago)