Monday, March 8, 2010

things to come

Not too long ago, I decided I needed a special box to keep all of Wyatt's special items...his bracelets from the hospital...his foot prints....the ear muff from his helicopter ride...and all of the special cards, notes, and letters we have received. I have not thrown ANYTHING away. So, I was in full gear....searching for the perfect box...and I found it! This box is about 8x10. I am so excited to have it. The picture is absolutely perfect...the quality is amazing. I could go on and on...I wish the pictures did it justice! I just had to share!

Also...look what project is about to get work of heart! Oh I cannot wait! I'll keep you posted on how things are going! Avery is obviously excited too...she thinks she has to be in EVERY picture :) Love her!


  1. What a beautiful idea. That's a box I know you will treasure! Would you mind sharing where you got it?
    Still praying for you regularly ~
    A sister in Christ,

  2. Perfect, Jessica! What a precious treasure. Praying for you. Katie Freeman

  3. breathtaking...what a special place to hold such precious things. you are going to be the perfect person to hold that paint brush! i'm cheering you on...

  4. What a beautiful box! Of course Wyatt's face and name make it...

  5. They are both so very special!! I can't wait to watch as the work of heart comes to life. These are both very special ways to celebrate his amazing life. Love you sis and Ryan!