Thursday, March 4, 2010

thank you

Just before Wyatt's six month birthday my sister and a dear friend showed up at my house...I was very surprised to see them...They brought me a sweet card. The card read "thinking of you on the loss of your child" on the outside and "though gone much too soon, your child's life was a beautiful gift that will remain in so many hearts forever" on the inside. There was also a list of about 18 of my sweetest friends names listed inside the card. They had all come together to purchase a seat in the new auditorium or performing arts center where Ryan and I attended high school. Wyatt's name will be placed on a plaque on one of the seats there. Words cannot thank these girls enough. It goes beyond the seat itself....these wonderful friends have truly blessed us with an amazing gift. Not only will our son's name be written for many to see...but the mere gift of acknowledging his life is the greatest gift they could give. For, while I know I will never forget Wyatt, it means so much to know that he has touched other lives as well. And while he rejoices in Heaven his name will continue to be spoken here on earth. His life, though short, was great. Impactful. Meaningful. And missed. Thank you sweet friends for not only providing a way for his name to be read over and over, but for acknowledging him and his life on that special day. It means more to me than you will ever know. I love you all!

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  1. Oh what a special gift from all your friends!