Sunday, March 28, 2010

high heels

so i guess it is my turn. i have put it off long enough :) most of you who know me well...or even really at all...know i am big fan of is not a secret. they are usually on my feet. that is except in the summer when i am able to wear sandals and flip flops. so i guess it will not surprise most of you if i told you that i wore my wedges a lot while we were at Children's. but there is a difference in wedges and high heels. in my defense, our trip to little rock was unexpected and i pretty much had to leave with what i had packed for my original trip to the hospital. which included the shoes i wore to the brown wedges. don't think i hadn't thought that through...i didn't care if i had just had a baby...i was leaving the hospital in style :). which also brings me to the story. while we were in little rock we would occasionally have to do laundry. to be honest, my mom usually did it for us so we could stay with wyatt and not miss out on time with him. but occasionally, i needed out. a little fresh air and time to re-group, refresh, and re-energize. one afternoon, when ryan returned from work, i decided i would slip out and go tackle some laundry at my parent's house. maybe even get in a good shower if i had the energy. so, i packed up our dirty laundry and a few odds and ends and left. well, i wasn't ten feet out of our door when i totally busted it. flat on my back. thankfully, no one was around expect for the sweet janitor who was mopping the floor. she of course ran over to help me up and see if i was ok. about this time i turned around and ryan was standing in our door just laughing. apparently, the fall had been really loud ( i did have a lot of milk bottles in my bag as well). i was totally fine...a little embarrassed, but not hurt. thank goodness! another nurse came over and they continued to quiz me and insist that i see a doctor or get checked out. ha! NO WAY! i insisted that i was fine. i told them my pride was a little hurt, but that i was good to go. i quickly made my way to the car and tried to disappear for a while...hoping no one would remember the incident later. about an hour into laundry, i got a phone call. it was ryan . i just knew he was calling to make fun of me. let's just say, he is totally used to me running into walls and falling. as i answered the phone, i could hear him laughing on the other end. i of course, was laughing with him and then he said he needed my driver's license number. i could not figure out why in the world he would need my driver's license i asked, and he told me they were having to file and accident report. i kid you not! i totally thought ryan was trying to pull a fast one on me and i refused to give in. but then i could hear two of our sweet nurses laughing in the background and telling me he was telling the truth. i reluctantly gave him my drivers license number and hung up. slightly embarrassed. when i returned to the hospital, ryan was so excited to show me the report and told me that he had requested a copy of it. ha! i began reading the report, and i could not stop laughing...first of all, it did not mention that the floors were soaking wet. and then it went on to say that my arms were full and that i was carrying lots of heavy bags (which was true) and that i was wearing high heels. it said i had gotten up quickly, resisted medical attention, and left rather fast. ok...yes, my hands were full, yes i had told them i was fine, but seriously?! high heels :) they were wedges. not quite as risky as high heels. oh it makes me laugh every time i think of this story and hearing two of favorite nurses laughing in the background. i know they all thought we were crazy there...ryan walking around with toilet paper flowing from this pants, me running around the hospital in "high heels." what a sight!


  1. That's funny. I can't remember the ladies name that was usually at the front desk in ICU but the day we got there I saw Wyatt but yall were out. I had told Michelle I would look yall up. She had described you some but I had no idea what you or Ryan looked like. I had asked the lady in ICU and she said , oh honey, she is the tiny momma in heels that comes through here". We ran into yall in the elevator and you had on your heels!

  2. I love this!! I have to laugh at Stephanie's comment above too. It makes me think of our family out riding bikes while you were pregnant. It was a Sunday afternoon and you were still dressed from church. You were looking awesome I might add and I commented on the fact that there was NO WAY I would be able to balance with a big ole baby belly in your shoes. You did look fabulous though!!! As always.....

  3. Too funny!!!
    The picture on the top of your blog reflects your heels too!

  4. I never get tired of hearing this story :)! I am so glad you finally posted it!! I love Stephanie's are always stylish sis, no matter the occasion! Love you and Ryan and hope you have a wonderful day!!!
    Love, sis

  5. Jessica,
    I am one who tends to laugh first and then ask if you are okay. It's really bad, but I can't help but laugh when people (including myself) fall... Thank you for sharing this story. I just got a good laugh!
    I am glad you are finding reasons to laugh. I pray for you and Ryan so much. Thank you for being such a good friend to Sarah.