Saturday, February 6, 2010

Our Father's hands

I know it is my turn to embarrass myself, but I'll have to put that off :) I just can't help but share from my day today. God has truly shown himself throughout these past months and it is so encouraging to really reflect on His awesomeness. While there is so much to say about what He has done, I don't really even know how or where to start.

To begin, I had to have c-section...not planned, but hey this was just the beginning of God teaching a "planner" to let go. I know this may not seem like a big deal, but I totally believe God had a reason for all of this...when Wyatt was born we did not know he had a heart defect. In fact, he had a very strong heartbeat in my womb and besides missing it on the ultrasound there was no other way to know of his condition. To make a long story a little shorter, I was induced the day after his due date...August 18th. I went all day on petocin and never made any progress...I'm not sure I even dilated past a one. Yikes! So, around six that evening we decided to have a c-section. I often wonder if Wyatt would have even made it through labor had we not. He never appeared sick or fragile (well maybe a little with all his tubes in the NICU and CVICU...but never puny) but I can't help but think God was just buying us time with him. I am just forever thankful that God had other plans...plans for us to spend time with our little boy.

Our next blessings presented themselves at Children's. We had the most wonderful and caring doctors and nurses. Friends and friends of friends had called people they knew that worked there...and we were surrounded by people who knew us or knew of us. Which I have to admit, was extremely comforting. We were unable to hold Wyatt in the NICU due to all of his tubes and the risk of moving him...however, the night before his surgery, God placed Wyatt in the care of a nurse who had attended the same high school as us. She had watched over Wyatt a lot that week. In fact, she was with him and with Ryan the day I arrived...I can't even begin to tell you comforting that was! But the night before surgery, she allowed/insisted that Ryan and I hold our precious baby. We had only held him for a short time after he was born since he was born so late and then taken in the middle of the night. So, I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful it was to not only hold him in our arms, but hold him before his surgery. Thank you God for placing us in the care of such a wonderful nurse!

Obviously, there is so much more...such as his successful surgery and success in recovery. But to lead up to the purpose of my post, I have to tell you that last February I took pictures of a little boy who was also diagnosed with a congenital heart defect soon after his birth. This sweet little boy was the poster child for the American Heart Association's Heart Gala last year. His mom was a teacher, as was I. So, I while I did not really know her, I knew of her and had met her through several friends. I was very interested in their family and their story and truly honored to take pictures of this handsome little boy. I also ended up taking family pictures of them in the summer before I had Wyatt. Well, as soon as she heard about Wyatt and his condition she was sending us texts and calling us in Little Rock to check in on us and offer she had walked down the same halls, sat in the same waiting rooms, and lived in the same hospital as us. She knew the road we were traveling and the weight we carried as we fought for our child's life. I remember walking in the hospital one evening and receiving a text from her asking if we had met a particular nurse. What were the odds? He was our nurse that evening! I remember being so relieved as she told me how much they loved always made me nervous when we would be assigned new just get used to them and it is so hard to leave your child's life in someone else's hands...anyways, she continued to call and text throughout our stay in Little Rock. And since we have been back, Ryan and I have gone to eat with her and her husband and had the chance to get to know each other better. Which I am so thankful for! She has been volunteering for the American Heart this is close to her another long story a little shorter....She gave my name to the Heart Association here and I was able to volunteer to take pictures this morning of all of the sweethearts for the Heart Gala this coming May. The girls looked absolutely beautiful and their pictures will be in a local magazine. They will also be recognized at the gala in May. Ryan and I are planing on attending the gala with our new friends...the parents of last year's poster child....we absolutely cannot wait! So, today was a good day...a day to give back and be thankful. Thankful for the way God has been wrapping His loving arms around us and thankful for the way He continues to work and show himself in our lives. I feel so honored to have been able to help today and to be so loved from our Father in see that He never takes His eyes or hands off of us.


  1. Okay, you made me cry!! I truly feel that God wanted us to know each other and this is how he put us in each others lives- a "heart" story we now share.
    You are an awesome person and I am so glad to know you better and hope to continue to build our friendship.
    I am so pround of you volunteering your time and wonderful talent to the American Heart Association- working to save babies each and every day!

  2. Oh, how the tears rolled down my face when I read this. It is so awesome to see answered prayers. One of my "many" prayers for you and Ryan since around Thanksgiving has been for God to provide you with an opportunity to give. You already give so much to so many of us through your words on this blog, but you also have SO many other talents and such beautiful, warm, compassionate hearts. I could have NEVER thought of this opportunity for you but it fits you perfectly. How good and perfect is our GOD!
    Love you tons!

  3. Jason and I will also be at the Gala. Jason's dad died from heart disease when he was 17 and we try to give what we can as well. Have you worked with Christina Hinds? She and her husband are some of our closest friends. Christy and I are also friends from the same hometown, college, and teaching. We got the opportunity to meet sweet Brycen at the Gala last year. I look forward to seeing the pictures you took! Amy

  4. Sis,
    What a sweet post! God is great! I am so thankful for each little blessing along the way that He has provided. I am also so thankful that you continue to feel God's blessings around you. It is amazing how He uses his children when their hearts are open to Him. I love you tons and can't wait to see the pictures!! You are amazing and such an inspiration to others. May we all be as open as you and allow Him to use our gifts to give back and touch others! Love you guys!! May your hearts be full of joy and love!

  5. How wonderful, Jessica! Wyatt is so proud of his mama. I can just feel the joy through your words. Love you.