Monday, February 1, 2010

my sweet husband has been a very busy couple of days. Ryan and I are doing are our very best to stay busy right now. Winter is not my favorite season to begin with, but being stuck inside and empty handed is down right painful. So, to my advantage, we worked on my "office" this weekend. New paint and a new arrangement and we are set. I have to say it looks so much better. It is not finished, but it is on its way. I am so thankful for a handy husband...who is willing to use his handiness! He is truly amazing. I feel so blessed to be married to him. I know that the magnitude of what we are going through can be devastating to a relationship...and I totally see how it could be....but Ryan and I are making our way through this together. And I am ever so thankful! I would never want to live life with out my son and husband. What a dreadful thought. He still makes me smile, laugh, and continue living.

And speaking of smiling and laughing...I haven't shared some of our humorous stories while we were at Children's...hard to believe...but we laughed a lot there too. My favorite memory is a funny story about Ryan. I totally embarrassed my self while we were there... but it is so much more fun to tell you about his embarrassing moment...maybe because he NEVER does anything stupid. Or at least, other people think that. Anyways, I pumped the entire time we were there. I had to store my milk in the NICU which was on the 3rd floor. We were living on the 4th. Not real convenient. At night, they would let me store my milk in the unit across the hall. Close, but still out of our unit and across the hall. I am one of those who refuses to walk around in pajamas in front of strangers. So, you can only imagine how annoying it was to pump and then get up, get dressed, and head to the refrigerator in the unit across the hall...and yes there were lots of nurses and doctors in the other unit. One night, we were getting ready for bed and I had just pumped. So sweet Ryan offered to take the milk across the hall. Of course, I let him. When he walked back in the room I told him thank you and just happend to turn around and catch a glimpse of something white...hmmm....he had toilet paper hanging from the wasteband of his shorts. I, sure there was a really good reason for this that I just hadn't thought of, asked him why he had toilet paper hanging from his shorts. Much to my surprise, he didn't know it was there. I can't even begin to tell you how hard I laughed. I will spare you the details....really for his sake....but we'll just say the bathrooms gave us the creeps so the toilet paper had been protection if you will. It had just gotten caught in his pants when he stood up. I just love envisioning him walking through the units while this toilet paper floated behind him. And better yet, it wasn't even on purpose! I am so thankful for a husband who occasionally embarrasses himself. It is nice not to be alone!


  1. Oh no!!! I laughed out loud!!! So you didn't use the pumping room much?? I would tote my attachements down there and pump away. They were so much faster than the pump I had. My mom and I would get so tickled (yes I made her go with me). There was one girl that would always fall asleep and snore. We never saw who it was cause of the curtains but we always guessed.
    That is fun that you will have 'an office.' Love it!

  2. jess,
    i am laughing so hard right now. knowing ryan, this story is just perfect...and i can see his face turning so red once you caught him. love that you are posting some of your funny times, as well. you both remain in my prayers.
    julie mckinney scarborough

  3. I have heard this story so many times and I still laugh out loud every time!! Love you, Ryan!! Sis, I think you should share your story next ;)!! Love you both so much! And, your office looks great...I am so proud of you guys for making such an effort to carry eachother through both are so very blessed to have eachother! Love you guys!!