Sunday, January 3, 2010

through the eyes of a child

Ryan and I have often talked and laughed about the heart of a child...just how wonderfully simple it is. As we face each day and new situations we often wish adults were as simple and honest as children. There are no filters and right now that is so refreshing. They are not afraid to ask questions or simply say it like it is. Our nephew colored this picture during Wyatt's service. It is so perfect...him holding Wyatt's hand. What sweet happiness it brings me to think of the two of them holding hands. I know Wyatt is looking down on his little cousins anxious to play. I so hope that I too can be as open and simple as a child as I face each new day. Life does not have to be complex and difficult. We do not need to hide our pasts, no matter what has happened. I want to accept the people around me for what they are...people. No strings attached. I want to love abundantly and see each day in a different light. I want to let go of the fear of that can keep me from comforting others in pain. I want to live again through the eyes of a child. Life is still wonderfully sweet even through the suffering.


  1. Very sweet....

    Children often have a much more profound and deeper faith than we jaded adults do.

    Your hopes to be open and honest are good ones. I think God will honor that for you.

    Take care!

  2. I found your blog from Katie's Keepers blog and I have read it from beginning to end. I am so sorry about your sweet Wyatt and am praying that God will heal your aching arms and heart.