Friday, January 15, 2010

sweet sweet song

My heart is so full. I can't help but cry tears of thankfulness for lately I have truly felt God working in my life in some very powerful ways. I'm sure He is always working...for He has a lot of work to do :)....but I love how transparent He is being right at this very moment...and how open my heart and eyes are to His good works. The past few days have been filled with phone calls and emails that have all had something to do with Wyatt...which I love. It fills me with joy to still have something 'to do with him' even though he is physically out of my reach. Some of the messages have been very healing and I know God has intentionally placed me in the presence of a few wonderful people. I am anxious to see what He does with my heart in these very places. Thank you God for being so intentional!
I received a package Wednesday afternoon. I was so excited for I thought it was a new fun strap for my camera...I broke into the box not even realizing that it was addressed to both Ryan and I....for I should have known it was not my camera strap. As I opened the box, I found a card and this beautiful angel. I just burst into tears. One of Wyatt's nurses...she was there the night he passed away....had sent this. It is so perfect. It reminds me of so many things....holding Wyatt, how he is being taken care of...still, and of the wonderful nurse who would hold him lovingly in her arms as she sang the Revelation song to him. Her voice is truly incredible. Truly. It is so soft, gentle, and angelic. Wyatt LOVED to hear her sing. My mom and I would laugh when he would get upset and say we needed to go find this nurse to sing to him. I am sure he is singing in Heaven now. Praising His Father and singing for all to hear. I cannot wait to hear his sweet voice.
As I was trying to find a place to take a picture, I went into Wyatt's room. I placed her on the floor and took a picture. As I was looking at it, I thought how perfect this appears. A guardian...a mother....a nurse....holding a baby.....surrounded by darkness. There is such a beautiful light on her and the baby it reminds me to have hope...even though I am surrounded by darkness. Once again, I am humbly reminded of God's presence in Wyatt's life. Of the way he has touched so many of us. I am so thankful that his nurse is still remembering us and what it felt like to hold our precious son in her arms. I know that many children have been in and out of her care since we left September 23rd...but it speaks volumes to a mother's heart that we are still being thought of. Thank you.


  1. Was it Nurse Shirley?

  2. So out of nowhere I found myself thinking about you today and praying for you; then I just had to come find your blog just to see if you had posted again. I am so thankful that our God is being so intentional and visible with you right now. Beautiful Willow - I have one very much like it - and just like yours, mine speaks volumes too.
    Still praying for you ~