Thursday, May 26, 2011

2 months

last sunday finley turned 2 months. wow how time flies! we had a few family pictures taken that weekend. and when i say family, i mean my mom, dad, sis, her munchkin, her husband, ryan, finley and i. my dear friend who shoots weddings with me agreed to take us on :) and i am so glad she did. i will cherish these days and memories forever. i can't help but smile when i look at the picture above. i think finley looks like a little doll. it cracks me up...those super round cheeks and all. i love it! what a sweet time.

finley has been doing wonderful. i am so proud of her. she has been sleeping through the night and we are working on afternoon naps now :) but that's my fault. starting at 6 weeks finley started sleeping about 6 hours at night. and then not long after, she has been sleeping about 9 hours! how lucky we are! i will not pretend this has anything to do with what great parents we are :) i think she just likes to sleep as much as her mom does..ha! so glad though! she also moved to her crib this past week. i know! i can't believe it! i finally gave in since she was sleeping so well. i feel like she is getting so fast! and while i hate not having her so close all the time...i know this is good for all of us. i'll just keep telling myself that!

i swore i would never be 'that' mom with all of the schedules and such...but i am starting to see where this comes in handy. i certainly don't want to be too tied down every day, but a little routine never hurt anyone :) so we are working on getting down for regular afternoon naps...instead of napping in mom's arms. it's taking some time...but we are getting there. in fact, she is napping now :) i will admit, there has been a little screaming here and there, but everyday she goes does more peacefully and sleeps a tad longer. we'll call that success!

so basically, life has been very sweet. i am so thankful for these days and this time of our lives.

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