Wednesday, June 8, 2011

where we are now...

it's been a busy few weeks. good...but busy. we have spent a couple of weekends in little rock with our families and i have started wedding season :) it has all been so much fun. i love being 'back at work' (even if i do work from home. ha!) i just love being around people so i have quite enjoyed myself :) and then i have to say i SO enjoyed going to little rock to spend time with family. we even got to spend time with one of ryan's sisters and her kiddos...which was very very special. we just don't get to see them enough! finley was thrilled to meet her cousins! i'll have to load a picture of finley with her cousin caroline. it's on my phone right i'll get on that :) caroline was so sweet to finley. she just loved to hold her and take care of her. i could have watched her love on finley all day. melts my heart!

today little bit is 12 weeks. i cannot believe it! she is growing so fast. i took her to the gym today...for the first time. i gave in and did it...i was so proud :) she was asleep when i went to get her so i'm thinking everything went smoothly and everyone was happy.

i just had to check in. and of course post a few pictures i snapped of her yesterday before we got ready for the day. she is wearing the outfit we took her home from the hospital in. don't be's a little snug now and it swallowed her when we brought her home. but, to be completely honest i had forgotten about it (it was in the wrong section...i have her clothes organized by size) and i just happened to run across it yesterday and wanted to get some pictures of her in it. i love the owl! anyways, have a super day!


  1. Oh my goodness, she is such a DOLL!
    Josh said he played golf with Ryan on Sunday, I wish I had run into you at the club over the weekend!

  2. She is precious Jessica. So happy for you guys and hope that your heart is doing okay missing Wyatt. Thanks for being a sweet reminder of God's infinite grace;)

  3. She melts my heart!!!! I LOVE her so, so much!!! Cousin Kate is missing her, so you better stay home one weekend :) Love you guys!! Hope you have a wonderful day and love on my sweet Finley for me!!! love, aunt les

  4. We had so much fun seeing you!! I used to tell Caroline "I want to just eat your cheeks." That's the way I feel about my precious niece Finley. I could just eat those cheeks up! Give that sweet girl a kiss from all of us.
    ~ Jill