Tuesday, May 17, 2011

mother's day

again i have been trying to get on here, but i can't seem to figure out where the time goes :) well, we survived another mother's day. not really a big important holiday...but one that seems to remind you of what you don't have. really, i don't need reminding....i continue to think and miss him constantly. but i have to say, it was so nice to have finley here this year. she certainly brings so much joy into our lives and while i miss wyatt like crazy, i am so thankful for finley and her life. for the healing our Father has brought through her each and every day. she certainly brings life to us and i am forever thankful that HE blessed us with her. i am daily reminded what precious gifts children are. i pray i continue to realize this. both of our children mean the world to us. i so look forward to each and every day with our sweet girl. here's a picture from mother's day. we took it pretty easy...hence the lack of make up :) but i am determined to document all of my 'special' moments with this sweet little one. i continue to be reminded to take life one day at a time. to slow down and really take it in. enjoy each day...because it is a gift from above.

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  1. Such a cute pic!! Wyatt and Finley are so very lucky and blessed to have you as their mother. I am sure Wyatt is so proud of you and can't wait to introduce to all of his friends in Heaven. It will be a sweet day when we are all together. We have so much to look forward to in this life with Finley and in the next when we can all be together. Love you all so much!! We will always carry Wyatt with us in our heart :) Love, sis