Wednesday, January 4, 2012

which direction

ha! so i am trying to decide if i write to catch up or start now and go backwards :) i am thinking i'll work my way up.

8 months

seriously! this fall has been CRAZY busy! business has certainly kept me on my toes...which i will NEVER take for granted. i am so blessed to do something i am so passionate about and love so much...anyways, little missy turned 8 months (about 2 months ago...yikes!) as you can see from the picture, she was working on some bottom teeth. she was crawling and starting to pull up on everything. she is such a sweet girl and this is such a fun stage....even if she keeps me on my toes. i wish you could hear her laugh. she laughs all the time. it is the sweetest sound. you can't help but smile when you hear that chuckle. peek-a-boo is probably her favorite game. i am so very thankful for this time and every moment i have to spend with her. i do not take it lightly. what a blessing!

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