Friday, October 14, 2011

7 months

i am ON A ROLL today! ha! who am i kidding?! i won't be able to post i thought i would take her picture today and post about 7 months (since it is SO important that i be on time. hee hee!)

7 months here we come! i have a feeling this might be the month we start crawling. we are working on it but tend to give up and just start's much quicker and easier :) we'll call it more efficient. smart girl!

i was shocked the other day...finley was being so quiet and sleeping longer than usual so i went in to check on her...and guess what that little girl was doing....sitting up!!! i was shocked! she got up on her own! she hasn't done it since but i have to admit it took me by surprise! i am amazed at the things they learn so quickly. she has been cracking us up lately...she talks non stop. yesterday was the best...ryan came home from work and finley was sitting on the floor in my office playing (with her back to the door.) ryan stood at the door and was saying her name trying to get her to turn around....i was in front of Finley asking her who was talking to her....and out of no where she said da da......we were cracking up. yes, we know she really does not know that ryan is dad but the timing couldn't have been better. not to mention, that is the first time she as said anything that sounded remotely close to mom or dad. so needless to say, ryan keeps rubbing it in that she said his name first. ugh! :)

so here's to 7 months! 7 months of bliss, smiles, and lots of action. love you finley!


  1. LOVE it! Way to go, Finley! Just wait, Jess, soon she'll be saying "Mama" nonstop. Live you! - Jill

  2. Such a sweet picture! I love that pic with her accomplishments- great idea. Blessings to your family