Thursday, February 3, 2011

time for an update

well, i thought i would have a lot more time on my hands to update a little...but i guess i was wrong. so here's a quick update...well maybe not so quick. ha!
things are going pretty good here. we are almost 34 weeks. i can't believe it! however, i feel as though i have been waiting on this baby forever :) let me just say when you're ready to be a momma you're ready...and those feelings just don't disappear...although life would be easier some days if they would.

there are a couple of things i am sure you want to know that i haven't posted her name or what the nursery looks like :) but i have been holding back since they are not finished. i guess i want you to be surprised with the finished project and don't want you to see my mess in the meantime :) ha! but i'll go ahead and give you a little...we have a first name....finley. no middle name yet, but some ideas or maybe an idea...still thinking. it's kind of funny but with wyatt we had a few names we liked and had trouble making our minds up. so this time, i had a few boys names i liked and a girl name. well, maybe a couple of girl names, but i was really leaning towards finley. so, when we found out we were having a girl it was pretty much decided. so not like me :) it just took a little bit to convince ryan that finley was going to work. he likes it, but was bothered by the long e on finley and ritchie :) this totally makes me laugh since i taught for 5 years and this never bothered me...i also informed him that her last name would not be ritchie forever...although i hate to marry her off that fast :)

as far as the nursery, we are making progress. we did decide to totally change it. this was an ENORMOUS decision for us that has honestly brought a lot of emotions with it. i'll get more into this another time. i will say it is getting a little easier since we have dug in and gotten started. i just wish we needed two rooms :) but, back to her is VERY girly...imagine that! i think it is going to be perfect! her colors are cream, gold, grey, and petal pink. i will most definitely post some pictures when it is complete. i just can't until it is all together :) which i hope will be soon!
this past weekend, my dear friends hosted a dinner to celebrate our sweet girl. it was perfect! i cannot thank them enough for all of their hard work and for all of the details that went into this evening. i had told them that i did not want a shower since i felt like we had just had one for wyatt and she is our second. yet, i did want to celebrate her and God's blessing to i agreed on a dinner with some friends. but wow was i surprised! they of course went all out....i should have known better :) i had told one of my friends while talking about this dinner that i really wanted to the focus to be on this blessing, celebrating her life, and our gift from above. i was so moved by the details that brought this focus home. to begin with, her invitation to the dinner was perfect....i will have to load a picture of it once i relocate it..ha! but it was cream with grey snowflakes and one pink snowflake...and at the bottom it had part of James 1:17
"Every good and perfect gift is from above..."
i LOVE this verse and believe it whole heartedly!
and then check out this set up :) all done in her was beautiful!

just wanted you to see the snowflakes hung from the ceiling :)

this was in the kitchen. love it!
my sweet friends and hostesses...amelia, (me), ashley, kristi, and leslie (my sis)
my amazing teacher friends...i could just say friends...but hey they are some amazing women and teachers on top of that :)

and finally...the sweet goodie bags....loved.

it was an amazing evening. it truly warmed my heart. i am so thankful for such incredible friends and family! thank you! i can't wait for Finley to meet all of you!


  1. I can't wait to see the nursery pictures. They did a fabulous job on the dinner. It was beautiful and Finley will be dressed nice! You got lots of cute things.

  2. I am still sooooo upset that I couldn't be there. Both boys made it through the flu and now I'm in the midst of it. So, the moment I am in the clear.....I am heading up that hill to see you!!!! Can't wait!!

  3. I found your blog from Katie Rowe's. We are friends from church.
    I just had to comment and tell you how much I adore the name Finley! We had a little girl in September and Finley was on our list of girl names. Our last name is Francis so I loved the sound of it! We ended up naming her Jillian Kate, but Finley will always be one of my very favorite girl names! :)