Monday, January 10, 2011


this year my mom and dad came up here to celebrate Christmas with ryan, my sister, her husband, and i. they came up last year as well, but this year felt a little more like Christmas. ryan and i didn't really decorate again...we will next year...but thankfully our hearts were in different places this year. while i missed wyatt like crazy, there was certainly a warmer feeling and i feel as though i was able to enjoy my time with family. last year i was still so numb. i know i didn't realize just how guarded i was then, but looking back i can see it clearly. i can still see this in certain areas of my life now. it can be a daily battle to let my guard down, accept things as they are, grieve and celebrate all at the same time. here are some pictures from Christmas i wanted to share. i love my family so very much and i am so thankful for their presence in our lives. they certainly made this holiday season more enjoyable...and i am so looking forward to next Christmas and two little girls :) (my sister is having a little girl next month...i can't wait!) i know they are going to kill me for posting pictures of them....did i say how much i love them? :)

ryan and i love taking avery to visit wyatt with us on Christmas day. she gets very excited :)
it is so bittersweet to visit him, but i am so very thankful that we can

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  1. Sis, we enjoyed spending Christmas with you, Ryan, and Avery! I am so glad that your heart was in a differnt place this year and felt warmer. I know you and Ryan miss Wyatt (and we all do!!!) so much and the holidays are difficult. You both are amazing and I am confident that God has such wonderful plans for you, Ryan, Wyatt, and his sweet sis(who I can't wait to meet!!)! I just wanted you to know I love you all!!