Tuesday, August 16, 2011

5 months

yes....yesterday our little bundle of joy was 5 months old. i cannot believe it! seriously, where does the time go? she has brought us five full months of joy, five months of healing, five months of laughter, five months of pure sweetness. i am so thankful for these past five months. i love you sweet girl...more than words can express!


  1. She is THE CUTEST!!! HEr and Bennett are ten months apart so that should be perfect for dating!!!

  2. Oh, how my arms ache to hold her! I am so glad I got to hold her so much last weekend, but it makes me want to be with her even more! Thank you for letting me spend time with my favorite niece! Love you all, Jill

  3. She is precious!!! Love her so much!!
    Love, les