Friday, April 15, 2011

four weeks

i can't believe it, but finley was four weeks old on tuesday! i know you would think i have been taking tons of pictures...but i haven't. so today, we took a break and took some pictures. i am really trying to capture her each month to document her first year. i have a little project up my sleeve :) so i have to stay on top of it! not to mention, i want LOTS of pictures of her.

a lot has gone on this past week....last weekend her dad gave her her first bottle. which went really well and means mom can have a little more freedom...occasionally. we just knew she would have to take one at some point since wedding season is coming up (for those of you who don't know....i am a photographer) and i will be gone for long stretches at a time. it was also nice since one of my dear dear friends came to visit this past weekend and we were able to get out for a bit and i didn't have to worry about her getting hungry while ryan watched her.

she also went on her first walk! and loved it! it was so nice to get out of the house and enjoy the beautiful weather. we have gone on several walks since then and i have to say avery is thrilled. however, i have noticed that every time i put her in her car seat avery thinks we are going on a walk. see i haven't really taken finley out of the house much...just to run a few through only....and then on her naturally, avery associates the car seat with a walk. this will change though as soon as we start getting lil' bit out of the house more. we're just a tad protective right now :) well, that about sums everything up but i do want to answer some of the questions i have gotten....

i had the curtains in her nursery made. the fabric is from a local fabric store...the Fabric Gallery (they always have great stuff and are so fun to work with)

i ordered her headbands from etsy. the cream one was from sweetly fallen. the brown one from snazziedrawers. i also ordered a turquoise one i LOVE from claramarie08

and the canvas (it's actually wood) print on her nursery wall with the writing is from a local store called Riffraff which also has some wonderful stuff!

oh and i almost forgot...her middle name is holden :) ryan made that decision as i was getting ready the morning we went in to have her...

i think that's it! i hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. She is beauftiful Jessica ;) I think she looks a lot like you Hope you are doing well

  2. Love her pics!! She is so adorable!!! I can't wait for her and Kate to have more play dates :) Love ya, sis