Friday, October 15, 2010

pregnancy and infant loss rememberance day

today....october pregnancy and infant loss remembrance day. a special day for us to honor our sweet little ones who are no longer with us. while some of these babies and children were held here on earth there are others who were not. yet we miss them all...whether they were merely an image on a screen or a weight in our arms. they are missed. so in remembrance of wyatt today and all of his wonderful new friends, i am lighting his candle. we love you wyatt and miss you so very much!


  1. Missing Wyatt today. Love you, girl.

  2. candle is lit here in the Jennings house remembering the families and little ones who blessed everyones lives.

  3. Missing Wyatt and thinking of all the lil ones that are with our Heavenly Father. I pray all the mothers and fathers feel our Father's love surrounding them today, as well as the days to come.
    Love you sis, Ryan, and Wyatt.