Tuesday, September 28, 2010

september 23rd

well it has come...and gone...but i cannot not acknowledge this day. wyatt has been in the presence of our Father for one year now. it is so hard to believe. i continue to miss him as though it were yesterday. yet we have still come so far. there are so many layers to who we are and we have become. wyatt will always be a huge part of those layers. which is so wonderful and yet so painful at the same time. i carry such a huge piece of him with me...and always will...yet as time passes, he becomes less and less of a piece of others. which is painful to watch and acknowledge. i am fully aware that others will not always carry him with them as we do, but i do not want him to become lost either. he is a piece of us that continues to need to be acknowledged and loved. so thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the cards, emails, texts, and phone calls...over this past year, but especially last thursday. we miss wyatt every day...it does not have to be a holiday, or his birthday, or the anniversary of his heavenly homecoming, but these days we have to face a little more head on. these are given days that bring more to the surface although there are random days in between that come with this same emotion. again, thank you for being such a huge part of our lives, for your continued love, and support. thank you for talking to us about wyatt, for asking questions, for looking at his pictures. thank you for acknowledging this huge part of us over this past year.


  1. Love you sis and Ryan. The 23rd may have come and gone, but we will always carry Wyatt in our hearts. He is such a special angel that will never be forgotten. We miss him so much and think of him every single day. I pray that as we all continue this journey together, that the Lord will use us to bring you and Ryan some joy and happiness when you need it most. We love you so much and hope and pray you know we are always here with you. I cannot wait until we can all rejoice in Heaven together!! What a wonderful day that will be! Love you sis!

  2. Jessica,
    We have not met, but feel like I know you well from having had the priviledge of reading your blogs. My name is Merrie and I am Kelly McAliister's Mom. I just wanted to let you kow how much your blogs have ministered to my heart and helped me to grieve the loss of a daughter I lost many years ago. The way you have journaled your loss has helped many besides myself, I am sure. I realized as I cried with you as I read at times, how I had denied myself the opportunity to grieve my loss and I just wanted to thank you for allowing your journey to be used to God's glory and to help others as well. Rejoicing with you as you are blessed with another baby and affiirming with you that your beautiful baby Wyatt will never be forgotten. Blessings to you,
    Merrie Watkins