Tuesday, July 6, 2010

i'm here. i'm here...

well once again, life has been super busy...which i am still so very thankful for. i think God knows i need to keep my hands full right now. a couple of weeks ago ryan and i went to the beach with my mom, dad, and sister. we had a wonderful time. it was so nice to get away and to be with family. the weather was great and i think we may have just missed the oil. the beach is one of my favorite places to be so i am so glad we had the opportunity to go. ryan doesn't usually get to go but, he was able to sneak away from work and join us...what a treat! we would get up early (only because ryan does NOT sleep in) and would go on a walk or bike ride. it was so relaxing. here is a picture....i'm not sure why ryan looks so red :) he really didn't get that burned.

on another note, i want to send you over to my dear friend sarah's blog. her daughter, mamie, was born a sleeping angel last june. sarah has been such a wonderful friend and support since we lost wyatt. in honor of mamie, she has teamed up with a local pottery store to create and provide plates for moms and dads who have lost children. i am so impressed! and i cannot tell you how special this will be for all of these parents. i know wyatt's hand and feet prints are some of my favorite keepsakes. they mean so much to me. while i love his blankets and the few clothes he got to wear, his prints are a part of him. i know the plates will mean the world to the parents who receive them. way to go sarah! i am so very proud of you and mamie!!! the link to her site is: http://www.adamsfamilylr.blogspot.com/


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  1. Love you guys!!! Had so much fun at the beach and spending time with you both!!!

    Maybe Ryan looks red in the pic because he just biked a hundred miles to find a red box :) hehe!!!
    Love you guys sooo much!