Tuesday, September 20, 2011

today...yesterday....and the day before that...

it's been a while since i sat down here. there is so much on my mind and heart that it overwhelms me to even try to get it all out. so i have decided to just write a little and document this past month with pictures...

as most of you know, wyatt's birthday was august 18th. this is a day i dread pretty much all summer. however, the past two years, the actual day has been yes..sad...but also joyful. on his birthday i feel like i get to celebrate him. celebrate his precious life and all that he is to our family. i love it. so while, i feel the emptiness of his loss and absence on that day, i also feel the pure joy that i have been blessed with a son. a son i love so very much. last year we had a little get together to celebrate his birthday. we did the same this year...it was just smaller. i am forever thankful for my wonderful friends and family who celebrate his life with us. i know at times they must be leery...not knowing what to say or do on such a day...but that's just it...no one has say anything special...do anything special...just BE. be with us. be there to acknowledge this special day in our lives. so thank you friends for just being. here a few pictures we took when we went to visit wyatt. i am sure it seems so silly to some, but i love taking pictures at his marker on special days. i feel closest to him just living out our daily lives, but i like to document our life as it is and he is very much a part of us.
i love this little onesie finley has on to help celebrate her brother...a dear friend sent it to me before finley was born. i love it so much...and it meant the world...for SO many reasons. that's finley's new face these days :) so much for getting a smile...ha!on september 4th finley was baptized. it was a wonderful day. our parents were able to be there along with my sister and her family. it was so very special. i have to admit, after loosing wyatt days like that are much more meaningful. and our dear friend baptized her....which was the icing on the cake. the day was all about her and it couldn't have been better. she is such a sweet girl and i am ever so thankful for her!

pretty sure i may get in trouble for posting pictures of my parents on here...good thing i can't get grounded anymore :) but mom, i am so sorry.....i just had to. love you lots!

and then these are just some random pictures. i can't get enough of our sweet girl :)

so i will have to post some pictures and update you on 6 months! i can't believe our little girl is growing so fast!